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We develop highly effective products based on pure nature. Our products contain ingeniously developed blends of active ingredients together with the best and most expensive oils. In an extended test phase we monitor the desired effect and optimize the results until our creams meet the highest quality standards and achieve the best effects on your skin - all done with pure nature. 

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Angati's products are characterised by their sustainability, high-quality natural cosmetics and cleansing products with exclusively natural ingredients from controlled organic cultivation with high skin affinity. Packaging and containers are offered in a low- and zero-waste system, including glass containers, green PE, as well as deposit systems. This approach not only protects the environment from unnecessary waste, but also the skin from harmful substances and the waste water from chemical ingredients.

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Our company was founded in 2017 and is based in beautiful Vienna, Austria. We produce both natural cosmetics as well as natural detergents, cleaning agents and disinfectants. We are committed to working as sustainably as possible before, during and after production, and to bring sustainable consumer advice and use closer to our customers. Austria has already become a trailblazer in passing the strictest laws for natural and organic cosmetics. This comprises an additional incentive for us to proactively continue to not only to meet these requirements, but to go above and beyond them.

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We also offer contract manufacturing to our customers. Benefit from our expertise, our active ingredient blends and the power of nature. We create natural products at the highest level, and from a certain number of ingredients we will provide them with your design and labelling.