Spirit healing according to


Helps with energetic, social, psychological, and physical problems  



Body  -  Allergies, pain

Mind  -  Learning difficulties

Psyche  -  Depressions

Energetics  -  Problem solving

Depending on subject matter and effort:

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Activity of spiritual healer and doctors - the legal distinction

All working methods that are scientifically sound and comprehensible (in the sense of empirical natural science) are still the exclusive domain of physicians. Therefore, in the first place, scientific studies are required that prove the mode of action and efficiency of the method used.

All working methods that are not scientifically comprehensible are not to be assigned to the reserved area of physicians. Accordingly, these working methods may be used by non-medical practitioners and thus by energetic practitioners, spiritual healers, etc. Spirit healing and remote healing are not scientifically recognized at present.

All working methods of the spiritual healer that are not scientifically comprehensible - in the sense of empirical natural science - are allowed, whereas all scientifically comprehensible methods are the exclusive right of physicians and other recognized healing professions. The spiritual healer is further obliged to point out to each of his clients that he has not engaged in any medical activity an that each person seeking advice has to contact the physician or therapist or therapist of his choise irrespective of his activity [i.e., the activity of the spiritual healer].

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