From nothing to Angati - the beginning

The way from the idea to the foundation of Angati NaturElement took several years. Many hurdles had to be overcome and many new experiences were gained.

It all started in 2017 and the years before. Due to the progressing environmental problems, we realized that a new path had to be taken to prevent the worst. So we began our search for products that would live up to a sustainable lifestyle.

Everyone who takes on such a change realizes that it is not always easy. In some areas it works better, in some rather difficult. For example, we found many shortcomings in cosmetics and household items.

Several organic-certified and sustainable cosmetics were closely examined and every raw material was researched. 

These are our requirements

We could now list all the results of this research, but that would clearly exceed the scope of this article. Therefore, for the sake of simplicity, we list these criteria, which are important to us in cosmetics and household goods:

1) 100% biodegradable

2) Where do the raw materials come from? (must not come from questionable cultivation areas)

3) How well does the product work?

4) Is the production process designed to be sustainable?

5) Is the packaging sustainable and, above all, not harmful to health?

6) Are harmful ingredients avoided?

7) Is the product sustainable for the environment (sewage treatment plant*, ...)?

*Note on this: By chance, we were able to talk to an employee of the sewage treatment plant who described his impressions of organic detergents. He enlightened us that most of these detergents contain soap flakes, which slime the wastewater treatment plant. As a result, the plant must be cleaned up more often to ensure proper operation. 

Based on these points, we evaluated the products. Unfortunately, all criteria could never be met. That is why our company founder and the heart of our team became active and with her scientific background and her realization that healthy skin and healthy environment belong together indispensably, she created the company Angati with our products.

So we started with a small natural cosmetics manufactory. Since some of us are active in massage/cosmetics, physiotherapy and nutritional counseling, the "Praxis 22" was founded in addition for these services. The therapists use only the company's own products such as massage oils, creams, lotions, cleansers, etc. during the treatments.

This allowed us to find out exactly the preferences of the customers and optimize our products for a long time. Finally, in 2021, "Angati NaturElement Ltd." was born. And today we are here, ready to inspire people worldwide with our products.

This is us - Angati NaturElement

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