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The harmony of mind and body, which refreshes the soul, is a special concern for us. This applies to our treatments as well as to our products.

Our company was founded in 2017 and is based in beautiful Vienna, Austria.  We produce both natural cosmetics as well as natural detergents, cleaning agents and disinfectants. We are committed to working as sustainably as possible before, during and after production, and to bring sustainable consumer advice and use closer to our customers. Austria has already become a trailblazer in passing the strictest laws for natural and organic cosmetics. This comprises an additional incentive for us to proactively continue to not only to meet these requirements, but to go above and beyond them.


While looking for the perfect cosmetic brand for our own use, we soon found out the shocking reality about many of the products offered on the market.

The majority contained too many preservatives, petroleum and synthetics, but extraordinarily small amounts of natural, valuable, essential ingredients. Most of the common brands are neither good for the environment nor for the natural processes in our bodies. We just could not do that to our skin. We searched for a long time and also subjected products to a scientific evaluation. However, the cosmetics offered on the market — whether conventional, natural, or even organic — simply failed to meet the standards that we expect and value. Our company founder and the heart of our team became active and created our cosmetic products on the basis of her scientific background and her realization that healthy skin and a healthy environment belong together.


The products of Angati Cosmetics nourish the skin optimally and richly with the best of available in nature.

Angati’s natural cosmetics were created out of love for our health, the environment, and future generations. We specialize in naturalness and primarily use raw materials derived from organic farming. Our care, cleaning, massage and wellness products are manufactured entirely by hand in accordance with the strict B33 guidelines (Austrian Food Code).


Our environment requires careful treatment in order for the Earth to remain a livable place for all people and to enable it to recover and grow again.

Our body also needs careful tending to and it is up to each of us to choose the right path, based on a healthy diet and consumer sustainability.  



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